3 Tree Care Tips For Fall

Tree entering dormancy with fall colored leaves

The repeat waves of intense and hot summer temperatures can make your trees weaker and prone to disorders and infections.

You can contribute to your tree’s healing from the summer heat as they progress into the winter season with dormancy, which is vital for restoring their health and integrity and decrease the chances of cracks and wounds from storms. If you failed to sufficiently take care of your trees during summer, the risk of disorders and damages or insect infections in intense cold winter months will be raised.

We discuss tree care tips, soil benefits, and fall trees to plant that will add striking color your yard.

1. Mulch Offers Protection During Cold Winter Season

If you place composted and natural mulch material beneath your tree during Autumn or first winter month, you will help it keep water and balance out any temperature extremes within the level of the soil. Just a thin coat of a mulch will behave like a protective seal and sheet to provide extra protection to your tree’s roots.

mulch around the base of the tree

A mulch coat that is 3 or 4 inches is typically enough but when placed against the trunk, it leaves the tree prone to develop bark decay or disorder or pest infestation. Too much mulch can also encourage room for small animals like wolves which may eat the root of your trees or plants.

To learn more about mulching, pruning, and how to care for your trees, visit treetopstreetops2.wixsite.com/tree-info/single-post/2017/01/10/How-to-Take-Care-of-Trees

2. Enriched Soil Promotes Healthy Trees

The core of tree issues lies in insufficient soils devoid of proper nutrition or vital soil ingredients, right level of acidity and other important aspects. If you fertilize your soil sufficiently and improve its conditions, you will help your tree base perform at its optimal level.

Not only should you consider the properties and nutrients in your soil, but the density and type of soil is another important consideration. Sandy, clay, and a combination of sandy and soil are the three different types. Take a look at this video to learn more about the types of soils:

3. Autumn Planting for New Trees

Autumn is the season of the year characterized by bright falling leaves but what many do not realize, is that this is an ideal season for planting new trees. Following the shift to cooler but not freezing temperatures, the conditions are optimal for setting the ground to new tree development. After the roots are set during the cooler autumn and winter season, spring rains and summer heat help trigger new growth.

So autumn is the perfect time for planting trees and shrubs in balled and burlapped form. Keep in mind though that any bare rooted form plants should be planted in a later period, when they reach full dormancy.

Contact an Arborist In the Autumn Months

With just a bit of action and the above tips, you can set the ground of your trees for the cold season. As the fall progresses, hiring an expert arborist or tree care service to check your landscape and trees would be very beneficial. These experts can check to see whether trees suffer from problems e.g wounds or infestations and assist you with a plan for action to help preserve the health of your soil and plants throughout the year.


What is a Tree Protection Ordinance

Trees can be beautiful additions to any outdoor space. They can contribute to the beauty of an area. And in addition to that, they also maintain the environmental stability of the area that they are planted in. Individual trees can be very integral parts of the environment that they are in. Many other species of plants and animals could rely on those trees. These factors have prompted many ordinances and laws to be drafted concerning trees. One of those ordinances is the tree protection ordinance. This is a widely enforced law that applies to many areas of the country.

The tree protection ordinance primarily governs the removal permit process www.treeremovalpermit.com and establishes what’s allowed in a city or county. It limits how trees can be removed and trimmed. And it also controls how can remove and cut trims. And in addition to that, it also controls what kind of new trees can be planted in a particular area. The tree protection ordinance is integral to the current health of the trees in your area, and also the environmental impact of those trees as well. If you do not get a permit that allows you to alter or remove trees, you may be charged with a misdemeanor. You may also have to pay fines if you do not get a proper permit.

There are only certain kinds of trees that are covered by the tree protection ordinance.Two factors determine whether or not a tree is protected by the law or not. These factors are the size and species of the tree. Oak and sycamore trees, of particular proportions, are guaranteed in the tree protection ordinance. If an oak tree has more than one trunk, and if one of its trunks is at least 6.25 inches in diameter, then it is covered under the ordinance. Trees with a single tree, need to have a trunk girth of 9.5 inches, to be covered by the law.

One kind of tree that the tree protection ordinance protects is a historic tree. Historic trees are designated to be protected by the government of the county or city. Regardless of the size or species of the tree, it is protected under the tree protection ordinance. This is because that specific tree may be designated to have a specific cultural and historical significance to the area. So you had better check the list of official historical trees in the tree protection ordinance.

You should check with your local county office, namely the country planning division if you want to learn more specifics about the tree protection ordinance. If you want to remove or alter a tree because it could pose a threat to your property, you can get a permit to remove the tree if you check with your county’s planning division office. This post may give you more details about the tree protection ordinance. They will also give you a list of the approved tree trimmers in your area. You will have a better idea of who to hire if you want to get your trees trimmed or removed.